Introducing a New Vocational Program at Headrest

In April, 2018 Headrest created a Vocational/Employment Program with the primary goal of serving individuals with Substance Use Disorders and other barriers to employment. Our goal is to assist individuals obtain and retain career-ladder employment earning a livable wage thus relying less on public assistance. We strongly believe that individuals in recovery have a much better chance of staying in recovery if they have a job with the resources to support themselves and their families.

Our Vocational Program offers Pre-Employment and Work Readiness skills that include, but are not limited to interview skills, mock interviews, soft skills training, etc. Clients will participate in creating a portfolio that includes a resume, references, credentials, etc. We also provide assistance with Interest and Skills Assessments to determine a field or field(s) of interest. Each client will then participate in job development activities such as job tours, Interest Interviews, job shadows and job search activities as needed. Once employment is obtained, support is then provided to the employee and the employer to facilitate a successful outcome.

We are happy to discuss ways in which we may be a resource in providing vocational services to other agencies in the Upper Valley.

For more information about our Vocational Program please contact Lori A. Bartlett, M.Ed. our new Vocational Specialist. She may be reached at Headrest 603 448-4872 X 116 or

Information regarding Headrest may be found at

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